Talon Gillis • Photographer

About Me

Im just out and about looking for interesting things to contemplate, reconstruct and turn into a captivating photographs.

My Little Story

No matter how much I observe through experience there is always something new to see

Wait, what…..!? You’re reading this…? Okay, well if you insist.

• I grew up In Prince Rupert B.C. (it’s a little island town off the pacific north coast).

• I own lots of raincoats and out-door gear because bad weather often aids in good photography.

• Interesting content is my number one priority when I shoot, and If a photo doesn’t speak to me or make me fall in love with it i delete it straight away.

• Portraits are fun because I get to interact with people and I like the challenge of getting a shot that shows true character.

• I feel the best when I’m out-doors. I have dedicated my life to snowboarding, hunting, fishing and exploring. The camera often comes along but not always.

• I’m a self taught photographer with soooooo much more to learn, but that’s what makes it interesting.

So please browse through the website, find me on social media, and definitely get in touch if you have a photography project in mind or just want to chat. I’m all ears and ready to shoot.

– Talon

Clients and Testimonials

Shawna Hartman

Shawna Hartman

"“Getting photos done with Talon is always an adventure, especially in our line of work. Talon’s outdoor experience and passion for photography has been a good fit when capturing photos of our staff within the remote areas where we work.  I’m very impressed with Talon’s ability to capture those candid moments when people are their true selves.  Photography sessions with Talon have been an enjoyable experience for all involved and his photos consistently receive compliments from our staff members and clients.

I look forward to continuing to work with Talon and he has a unique talent that has accurately photographed our corporate culture.”

Shawna Hartman, Business Development Manager
Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd. "

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

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Gary Trust

Gary Trust

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Centa Simpson

Centa Simpson

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