“Dear Dad”

Posted on: June 5th, 2016



(The following photographs were taken by both Mike Pederson and myself) Dear Dad, I really like all the photos you sent me of your digger trucks from your job. Mom said you work really really hard so that you can fly to Quebec to visit and take me to all the fun places in the world. We really like to look at that photo album you made of the time you and Talon took me to that island Haida Gwaii when I was just two and a half years old. I like to look at those photos so much! I remember most of the trips you bring me on. I know you always worry that I won’t remember them but I do remember them, Dad.


Haida gwaii surf trip father sun camping talon Gillis photo


I remember getting on the ferry from Prince Rupert and it was so exciting for me. You and Talon were so excited too. That truck of Talons was so full of stuff and I didn’t know why. I like your black truck better though. I didn’t know what we were doing or where we were going but I knew it was going to be really amazing because you always take me to the best places. You and Talon both had your camera gear and it was really good because now everyone can see what a great adventure we had together. That was my first real camping trip. I like the big open beaches because you let me run and play wherever I wanted to. I  felt like a real grown up because I could do whatever i wanted to  just like you can. Other adults don’t let me play as free as you do and that is why you’re my best friend.




I remember driving so long because I think you and Talon got lost on the logging roads. I did my best to be patient because I knew you would find your way and I could tell how excited you both were to get there. I knew it was going to be really pretty. You guys kept talking about surfing lots but I didn’t know what that was. Now I know it’s when you put on your black monster suits and go ride your surf boards in that cold water. I want to do that some day too.




Dad do you remember how warm and cozy Talon’s tent was and the nice view and all the stars in the sky? I do. I remember packing in the fire wood after you cut it all with your chainsaw and ax. I was so little then I couldn’t carry very much but you let me help anyways. Now I can carry much more fire wood, you will see. I was so little then and you and Talon let me do so much. I remember once at night you were really far away and I wanted to go see you because.... because I love you and Talon was in the tent cooking dinner and he let me go out in the dark without a flashlight to find you because…….. because…… I INSISTED. I think he forgot about me and I got lost in the dark at night and you were so far away. I wasn’t scared though, I knew you guys would take care of me out there and Talon eventually heard me saying out loud,  “No see, no see, no see!” My English is much better now though and my French language too. It’s hard sometimes to speak both but you and mom help me lots.


adventure photography northern bc


I miss our secret beach on that Island. Can we go back? I learnt so much living there in that tent and playing on the beach and hiking in the woods. I remember climbing that tree while you were out surfing. Talon told me about “big owies” if i fell and he was definitely right but I had to try anyways. I wanted to be like you. Talon said to me, “Your dad Mike can accomplish anything he sets his mind to, better than other man I know. ”  So I wanted to be like you and climb that tree but I fell out on the rocks but it didn’t hurt that much. I learn the best when you let me try things on my own and give me so much freedom. That’s why you’re the best Dad ever.




I remember some days there was no waves for you and Talon to play on so we just relaxed and played together. I like those days. I like how Talon would cook so much yummy food and deer that he hunted and me and you would go out and play. We played soccer, went fishing, rock hunting, gun shooting, beachcombing, and I don’t know what else. Remember when I took that rock you found and you got mad and I ran and you tried to catch me and I laughed soooo much? That’s what I like about you, dad. You can play with me like a kid would would play with me and you never want to be anywhere else. We played so much that i would get so tired but you guys would let me stay up really late anyways. I would get so mad but you guys just left me alone until I chilled out and you would still be my friend after. It was really hard for me to be out there sometimes but now I am so much more stronger and able to do so much more than most kids my age because of camping with you, Dad.




I think that Haida Gwaii place is really magical. Talon said it’s the best place on earth. I think he is right because both kids and grownups can play the same games out there and have the same kind of fun and the food is really good that we eat there too. When we go back I want to put on those monster suits and go play surfing in the waves.  You and Talon make it seem so much fun and always have the biggest smiles when you’re getting out of your monster suits.




Thank you Dad for taking me camping at that Haida Gwaii place. From Ryder