As a young man, I wasn’t always content. Something important was missing in my life. Something I couldn’t really put my finger on. That is until I picked up a cheap, point and shoot camera while on a random hitch-hiking trip to California. Seeing the world through a lens – even if it was nothing fancy – changed entirely how I interpreted the people and places around me. Being able to capture candid, fleeting moments in a single frame had a profound impact on me. With a camera in hand, I realized I could take portraits of people that somehow went beyond a simple picture.  It captured something of who that person was. Since then, the gear has gotten a lot more sophisticated than that old point and shoot camera, but at the core of every shoot is a desire to capture something more than just a photograph. A transformation of a brief, often unnoticed moment into a memorable story. bio Today, I live in Terrace, northern British Columbia, where I am lucky to have turned my passion into my career. I live simply to fund my adventures and spend as much time as possible traveling to new locales and experiencing life in a new light. Through photography, I am able to bring meaning to a mundane moment and show the natural beauty in everyday things. Photography for me is based on interactions and connection with my subjects. Whether it is a family shoot, a session with friends on the beach or portraits of people I’ve just met, developing a rapport is fundamental. One of my favourite parts of living in the northwest is the amazing backdrop the environment offers. Staggering peaks, wild rivers, fascinating urban landscapes and stunning locales at every turn. It just seems that what we can access outdoors trumps a staged environment nearly every time. I’m always game for seeking out somewhere unique to shoot to tell a bigger story. So how do we connect? Every shoot starts with a phone call, a cup of coffee and a conversation. We talk about the shoot, your objectives and how we can come up with something unique to you. I take a collaborative approach to the creative process and work with every client to make sure the photos stand. Got an idea? Let’s talk. Drop me a line at 250-975-0773 to discuss availability and rates.